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DTE Abstract Pictutorial


DTE? Pictutorial? Ok, the DTE - Deep Texture Editor. A mystical land in Bryce where you can build the most surreal abstract textures and the most convincingly realistic textures. A "pictutorial" (I love inventing words) is simply my way of saying that this is the only page in this tutorial that will have words on it. In other words, (har, har) what follows is a visual stroll through the DTE using screen shots of all nitty gritty settings.


The basic structure of the example is derived from my Exorth (formerly "Burst") Tutorial, so I won't go into all that. What we'll cover here is just the DTE settings. You can apply them pretty much anyway you want. As a point of reference, I have included the attributes of the sphere on which this material is in the example above. Here is another example of this material in use.

As I said, these are the last of the explanatory notes. You will be right-braining it from here on out. If you have any questions, I am more than happy to help. Just email me at josh@waveformula.com


Oh, almost forgot... here's the .mat file if you just want to tinker around.


Introduction (you are here)
The Attributes of the Sphere
The Materials Lab
The Deep Texture Editor
Noise Settings
Filter Settings
Phase Settings

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