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The "Burst" Tutorial

The Basic Techinque:

Before I go into the play-by-play tutorial (coming soon - not!), many folks who are already very familar with Bryce might find it more useful to just get a quick and dirty how-to, without all the hand-holding. So here it is:

  • Open a new file, delete the infinite plane and create a sphere. Go to the top view, right view, or any direct-on view.

  • Make sure the sphere is still selected and hit the little (-) magnifier in the lower right hand corner until you are zoomed out as far as you can go.

  • On the edit menu, make the sphere bigger and bigger until you notice that the edge coming toward you goes dim. As the sphere gets bigger, the dimmed cross-section gets bigger. You are now entering the Burst zone! You only need to be a little way into this "zone" to actually fill the screen with stuff.

  • Go to the material editor and apply something funky, my personal preference is for somethine with definite lines and gradients for the best 'depth' effects. The mapping mode is typically best at Object Space or Parametric for "geometric" results, or for that Bloopy Sensation, choose "Random".

  • Check out of the material editor and experiment with the size of the sphere, it's rotation and the overall magnification factor (using the + and - icons in the lower right again.)

  • You can use other primitives - not just spheres. Also, you can play with funky sky settings, lights, transparency, multiple spheres, and, of coures, the material/texture editor.

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