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WaveFormula is a growing collection of free, family friendly, 3D digital Windows and Mac desktop background wallpaper images, ready for use as Windows or Mac wallpapers or in custom screen savers. These wallpapers look amazing on your lcd computer screens and lcd tv screens. You'll find surreal wallpapers, realistic wallpapers, abstract wallpapers, landscape wallpapers, seascape wallpapers, sci-fi images and fractals, and some wallpapers that defy categorization.

Plus, every image can be played online as 'scrambled tile' jigsaw puzzles with difficulty levels for all ages.

All images are original creations of WaveFormula using 2D and 3D software such as Bryce, Terragen,
MojoWorld, Amorphium, KPT, PhotoShop, Painter, and various other fractal and 3D modeling applications.

Some images were made with MojoWorld from Pandromeda, Inc. Get the free MojoWorld Transporter

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3D Graphic Images, Quality Digital Pictures, Wallpaper Desktop Backgrounds, Puzzles and Ecards - Over 160 wallpapers for use as Windows or Mac desktop background images and screensavers - high resolution desktop wallpapers. Plus, every image can be played as an online sliding tile puzzle! Select from five skill levels!

All images free for personal use only. Commercial royalty free and traditional licensing available.
All images, programming and content Copyright (C) 2002-2004 Josh Carpenter. All rights reserved.