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Jet Airplanes and Military Aircraft Wallpaper Desktop Backgrounds and Puzzles

Jet Airplanes and Military Aircraft Wallpaper Desktop Backgrounds, Puzzles, Games, and eCards

Instructions: Click a hidden tile to reveal the picture behind it, then click another to find a match. If the two images match, you get 20 points and the images remain visible. If you do not match the two images, they disappear and you lose 5 points. If you're the cheatin' kind, you can click the 'Peek!' button to get a glimpse of the images that are still hidden, but it will cost you 20 points! Press 'New' for a new game; you can optionally enter any number of cells from 10 to 98. If you find the sound effects obnoxious, please feel free to hit the 'Mute' button.

3D Graphic Images, Quality Digital Pictures, Wallpaper Desktop Backgrounds, Puzzles and Ecards - Over 160 wallpapers for use as Windows or Mac desktop background images and screensavers - high resolution desktop wallpapers. Plus, every image can be played as an online sliding tile puzzle! Select from five skill levels!

All images free for personal use only. Commercial royalty free and traditional licensing available.
All images, programming and content Copyright (C) 2002-2004 Josh Carpenter. All rights reserved.

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